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Media Training

ICM Media Training: Today’s spokesperson must be prepared for both traditional and new media.

Although the media have changed dramatically in recent years, traditional media– newspapers, radio and television news– still play an enormous role in delivering news worldwide. The impact of social media has revolutionized the entire media landscape. News stories often break first on a blog or Twitter.  “Citizen” journalists may provide the first dramatic images of disasters or other crises.

A symbiosis has evolved between old and new media, and today they live side by side. Therefore, spokespersons need to be equipped for traditional and new media. The skill sets and strategy are similar but not identical.

ICM also can develop and deliver custom general media training for your executives and spokespersons that prepares them for a variety of general interview situations. Case studies and mock interviews focus on your business and industry.

If your organization’s crisis is in the news, reporters will want to interview you.

Talking to the media is a critical component of effective crisis communication management.  It takes training, preparation and practice to deliver your message effectively to busy reporters on deadline.  Learn how with our one-day crisis media workshop. Enroll in one of our open-enrollment programs, or bring us to your offices to deliver custom crisis media training tailored to your business and industry.

This intensive one-day session is invaluable for company executives and communications professionals who have to face the news media in a crisis.  The workshop includes lecture, discussion and multiple on-camera mock interviews focusing on situations participants may encounter.

2024 Schedule


June 13, 2024
at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana

2024 Course Enrollment OPEN.

Depending on demand, we may add additional
media training workshops in 2023.

Enrollment is limited to 6 participants.

$ 995.00 USD per person

Contact us about non-profit, veteran, education, government and group enrollment discounts
and custom in-house programs for your organization.

This concentrated one-day session, which complements the Certification Course, is invaluable for company executives and communications professionals who have to face the news media in crisis situations. Media training includes multiple on-camera interviews in different settings which focus on likely situations participants may encounter. 

Due to the one-on-one nature of media training, enrollment is limited to six participants. 


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In-House Media Training

Are your executives prepared to respond to everyday media interview requests? Does your organization have several people who may be called upon as subject matter experts or media spokespersons in a crisis? Consider bringing one of our media training workshops to you. It’s a cost-effective way to train the team. We’ll customize the content and the on-camera media experiences for your company and industry.

Whether you’re looking for general media training or crisis interview preparation, our experts can help your spokespersons learn to conduct interviews that deliver your key messages confidently and succinctly.


Deborah Hileman, SCMP
ICM President and CEO

CEO Expertise for Every Client

Deborah Hileman, SCMP, President and CEO. A  globally certified strategic communication management professional (SCMP), business leader, coach and consultant with more than 35 years’ experience in public and private companies and non-profit organizations, Ms. Hileman has led high-performing communications and marketing teams in health care, manufacturing, insurance and financial services, nonprofits and higher education. Her most significant areas of expertise include strategic communications planning and reputation/crisis management, change management, employee engagement and communication training.