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Custom Training

ICM is a leader in providing custom in-house training for crisis management and communication.

Custom in-house training programs are an affordable way to deliver the right training to your crisis management team, at your site and on your schedule. ICM’s seasoned trainers are experts at delivering relevant, engaging content to adult learners. All ICM’s public programs can be customized to your organization’s culture, challenges and specific crisis vulnerabilities.

ICM also delivers custom training programs that teach your key team members how to execute on your crisis management and communications plans– whether we developed the plans or you did.

Communication Skills Programs for Leaders and Managers

ICM’s experienced senior consulting and training team can deliver custom leadership communications training programs designed to build managers’ critical skills. Among recent topics:

  • 15 Timeless Principles of Crisis Management
  • Assessing Reputational Risks and Vulnerabilities
  • Attorneys as Allies: Balancing Stakeholder Needs with Legal Concerns in a Crisis
  • Business Crisis Planning and Preparedness or… Why it’s better to prepare and prevent than repair and repent
  • Confident Crisis Response: Aligning Words and Actions to Diverse Stakeholder Expectations
  • Crisis Management Crash Course: Ten Steps to Preparedness
  • Disaster and Emergency Communications Plans: Preparedness a Year-Round Priority
  • Emotional Intelligence and Effective Crisis Leadership
  • How to Deliver Bad News (and Protect Company Reputation)
  • Lessons from the Pandemic and Other Crises
  • Measuring Your Crisis Response: Leveraging Opportunity within the Crisis
  • Not Every Issue Makes the Headlines: Managing Issues to Prevent Damage to the Brand, Reputation and Bottom Line
  • Prepare, Prevent & Manage: Mitigating the Impact of a Smoldering Crisis
  • Smoldering Crises: How Bad Behavior Impacts Reputation and the Bottom Line

ICM’s seasoned trainers are experts at delivering relevant, engaging content to adult learners.

Crime Scene Yellow Tape

Deborah Hileman, SCMP
ICM President and CEO

CEO Expertise for Every Client

Deborah Hileman, SCMP, President and CEO. A globally certified strategic communication management professional (SCMP), business leader, coach and consultant with more than 35 years’ experience in public and private companies and non-profit organizations, Ms. Hileman has led high-performing communications and marketing teams in health care, manufacturing, insurance and financial services, nonprofits and higher education. Her most significant areas of expertise include strategic communications planning and reputation/crisis management, change management, employee engagement and communication training.