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Crisis Toolbox: The ICM Crisis Database

One of the most important tools in our toolbox is the ICM Crisis Database. The database is comprised of more than one million records compiled electronically from more than 15,000 business news organizations worldwide, including syndicated newspapers, business and financial wire services, websites and social media, national and regional business newspapers and magazines and industry trade publications and newsletters. Data are compiled into these crisis categories:

1. Casualty Accidents
2. Catastrophes
3. Class Action Lawsuits
4. Consumerism actions
5. Cyber Crime
6. Defects and Recalls
7. Discrimination
8. Executive Dismissal
9. Environmental Damage

10. Financial Damage
11. Hostile Takeovers
12. Labor Disputes
13. Mismanagement
14. Sexual Harassment
15. Whistleblowing
16. White Collar Crime
17. Workplace Violence

Crisis Toolbox

From our Crisis Toolbox, we use our proprietary Crisis Database to:

  • Define the types of issues your organization is most likely to encounter
  • Show clients what others have done, what worked, and what didn’t
  • Determine your organization’s level of risk, and develop realistic crisis response plans that anticipate the most likely crisis events in your business.
  • Identify crisis trends that should be addressed in the strategic plan we help you produce
  • Develop realistic management training workshops for employees to practice responding to crisis events
  • Analyze the trends in business crisis events on a quarterly basis and publish reports that focus on important changes in crisis events for business in general and for specific industries.

The ICM Crisis Database comprises more than two million records from more than 15,000 news sources.

Burning Buildings

Deborah Hileman, SCMP
ICM President and CEO

CEO Expertise for Every Client

Deborah Hileman, SCMP, President and CEO. A globally certified strategic communication management professional (SCMP), business leader, coach and consultant with more than 35 years’ experience in public and private companies and non-profit organizations, Ms. Hileman has led high-performing communications and marketing teams in health care, manufacturing, insurance and financial services, nonprofits and higher education. Her most significant areas of expertise include strategic communications planning and reputation/crisis management, change management, employee engagement and communication training.

“I was most impressed by the exercise that we performed in this session. It greatly attributed to our knowledge and understanding of how to handle a crisis. (Deborah Hileman) provided us with the necessary background needed to attempt a crisis response, then she let us formulate our own crisis response.”

Custom Training Participant

January 2021