Risk Management

Boards: Ask Tough Questions About Crisis Management. Please.

A recent PRNews/ CS&A International survey said that 62 percent of organizations have a crisis management plan.  Not surprisingly, the results also showed that less than half of those surveyed said their plan was up to date.  I’m no mathematician, but that tells me that in reality, less than one-third of organizations are well prepared […]


Communicating During Division and Unrest

Americans have been bitterly divided over a number of issues recently, including the presidential election, racial injustice and the COVID-19 pandemic. Results of the recent election coupled with another COVID surge have done nothing to quell emotions or calm concerns. While the U.S. election was peaceful, cities across the nation remain prepared for more potential […]


7 Lessons from Increases in Data Breach, Cybercrime Headlines

Cybercrime and data breaches continued to make headlines in 2016, with a reported breach increase of 25% in the U.S. alone. Cybercrime stories crept up slightly to just under 5% of stories tracked by ICM in 2016. The Identity Theft Resource Center tracked 980 reported U.S. breaches comprising more than 35 million records, an increase of […]


5 Steps to Assure Your Risk Management Plan is Crisis-Ready

The media continue to be filled with stories about companies that fail to manage crisis situations, costing them millions in damage, fines and reparations, lost revenue and lost jobs.  Many of those failures can be tracked to a few common causes: 1) lack of attention to the identification and assessment of risks, 2) weak leadership […]


Five Steps to Develop the Crisis Communication Plan

VW. Chipotle. Target. What comes to mind with these names? Defective emissions equipment? Or deception and fraud? Food-borne illness? Or mismanagement and stock price free fall? 100 million credit card records hacked? Or denial and inadequate crisis management plans? Each of these examples represents a business crisis that damaged reputations, hurt sales and negatively impacted […]


Boards of Directors Should Focus More on Crisis Management

The results of a study conducted recently by Forbes Insights for Deloitte, published in “A Crisis of Confidence,” offer a startling but predictable outcome: there is a gap between large companies’ awareness of potential threats and the preparation to actually manage them.Among the key findings: 76% of corporate board members surveyed believe their companies would […]



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