Who will speak for your company in a crisis?

Depending on the nature of the issue, the appropriate spokesperson may be one or more individuals. The Institute for Crisis Management recommends conducting media training for the entire crisis management team, key executives, and other subject matter experts who may be called upon in a difficult situation.

We use the scenarios we identified during the vulnerability assessment to provide highly targeted media interview training.  Participants respond on-camera in mock interviews that are reviewed immediately to identify their strengths and coach them on areas for improvement.

We will develop custom media training tailored to your industry, your organization, and your probable crises. Training groups are small to assure that each participant receives sufficient on-camera experience and coaching.

Our 1-day media training workshop is also offered in conjunction with our most sought-after public training program, the Institute for Crisis Management Crisis Communications Management Certification Workshop.

If your organization is experiencing a crisis, call on our senior consulting team to provide private one-on-one coaching for your executives or spokespersons to prepare for crisis media interviews or press briefings.