Is your organization in or heading for a crisis?

    Our definition of a crisis is “any issue, problem or disruption which triggers negative stakeholder reactions that can impact the organization’s reputation, business and financial strength.”

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As one of the first firms in the U.S. specializing in crisis management, we know crisis.  The Institute for Crisis Management offers a variety of products and services designed to help your organization’s leaders to lead effectively before, during and after a crisis.


The first step in preparing an effective crisis communication plan is to determine what “could” go wrong and what is most realistic for which to prepare.  The ICM Vulnerability Study includes four elements.  First, we research our proprietary database of negative news coverage to review the crises have befallen other organizations like yours in the past several years.

We interview key executives and managers to determine what they worry about and what their experience tells them the business should be prepared for. Third, we review existing emergency response policies, plans and processes already in place along with your business continuity plan (if applicable).

We report our findings and make recommendations for the content of your organization’s custom crisis communication plan.

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The Institute for Crisis Management has been a leader in crisis communication training for nearly three decades. Our trainers are seasoned communication professionals with extensive experience teaching adult learners.  We have helped hundreds of executives across numerous functional areas to lead before, during and after a crisis with open enrollment courses and custom in-house training programs.

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ICM’s expert consultants work with your management team before, during and after the crisis to help protect your organization’s brand, reputation, and financial strength. Even if we have not worked with you for crisis planning and training, we’re here to help 24/7 when you are faced with a crisis that threatens your company.

Whether you need us on-scene during a sudden crisis or disaster, or you prefer to work with us virtually, we can jump into action quickly when you call. From high-level counsel and advising to staffing the communication function for you if needed, we adapt our services to meet your specific needs.

We develop strategy and messaging for all audiences, including social media responses, media statements and news releases, messaging for victims and family members, employees, customers, vendors, activists, investors and more. We track mainstream and social media, providing analysis and recommendations to adjust communication strategy as events unfold.

We work one-on-one with executives and spokespersons to prepare them for tough interviews with the media and other stakeholder groups. We take point to manage interactions with reporters and make recommendations on the best way to engage with the media.

Once the worst of the crisis has passed, we can continue to support you with ongoing stakeholder communications. We’ll guide you through the debriefing process, assess the overall crisis response and make recommendations for changes and updates to your crisis response plans, policies and processes.  Finally, we can work with your team to determine what kinds of communication strategies and other action plans are needed to help rebuild trust and reputation.

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