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Meet the Crisis Experts

How you manage a crisis is up to you. Giving you the skills and knowledge to do it well is up to us. A crisis doesn’t have to be the headline that is enough to derail your organization. But subtle or dramatic, a crisis is usually unexpected. The consultants at the ICM are dedicated to the practice of crisis management—providing private and public-sector clients around the world with the capabilities they need to lead before, during, and after an unfortunate event. Unlike public relations agencies or general management consulting firms, ICM solely addresses issues relating to crisis.

Deborah Hileman, ICM President and CEO

Deborah Hileman, ICM President and CEO

Deborah Hileman is President and CEO of the Institute for Crisis Management.  A business communicator with 30 years’ experience in public and private companies, Deb has led high-performing communications teams in health care, manufacturing, insurance and financial services, nonprofit organizations and higher education. Her most significant areas of expertise include reputation/crisis management, strategic communications planning and change management.   Learn more about Deb, and meet the ICM team of crisis experts.

Products and Services

ICM Certification Course In this intensive 2-day course, you will learn how to detect and prevent crises from erupting, minimize the damage if a crisis occurs, be prepared for addressing the media, and use crisis as an opportunity for positive and sustainable change. Click Here For more Information about the ICM Certification Course.
Crisis Management Planning and Consulting  
ICM crisis experts can work with your leadership team to assess organizational vulnerabilities and develop a custom plan tailored to your organization’s needs and specific risks. Once complete, ICM will train your crisis team to use the plan effectively with crisis simulations and desktop exercises.

Annual ICM Crisis Report A compilation of news, crises analysis and trends, assessment of high risk industries, and valuable lessons on how crises happen and how you can be prepared if they do. Download the free 2012 Crisis Report now.
If your organization finds itself in the midst of a crisis and you need support from crisis management experts, call ICM anytime 24/7. 

Master Leadership Competencies Before, During, and After a Crisis

Planning and Prevention Detect early warning signs, put a crisis team in place, minimize risk, and formulate an action plan.

Damage Control It’s not just about spin. Be ready to face stakeholders and media as soon as crisis hits.

Business Recovery Be able to carry on in the midst of crisis and plan for recovery from any resulting negative impact.

Finding Opportunity Learn from crisis. Prevent another occurrence. Make positive, sustainable changes. Set an example for your industry.